Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Unexpected Perks of Back to Front Shopping

When out looking for "treasures", especially in a new shop, I can be blown away when I step in the door. It's not by accident. 

In customer service, as in life, everyone wants to make that good first impression. Shop owners are no different. They put their best foot forward by placing many of their most impressive pieces just inside the front door. 

Traffic patterns are key to a shop owner. As a customer, you might think you're wandering around the shop at random, maybe drawn by this item or that piece, evaluating, judging, imagining that new piece in your home. The smart shop owner knows he or she can guide your steps, creating a path for you that has been predetermined. It's all about the flow. 

If you are into the resale of items, as I am, then you might be thinking, "Wow, this stuff is expensive. How can I ever make a profit on these things?" Don't despair. Instead, make a bee line for the back of the shop. This is where you can save or make money. The back of the shop isn't where the most impressive pieces are kept. However, it's the place where items are kept that most shoppers can afford: the ever-elusive bargain. Items that have been hanging around the shop, on sale, marked down, ready to move. Don't believe it? Make an offer.

Go home happy and with money in your pocket. Sometimes getting to the back of the shop might make you feel like a salmon trying to swim upstream, but the extra effort is worth it.

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