Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Joy of the Hunt

Walking into a shop, a consignment shop, an antiques shop, a second-hand shop, even somebody's garage sale is a sensory experience.  Look at all this stuff!

My eyes take it in and feed to my brain, rapid calculations begin.  What is this item made of?  Is it heavy? Is it really old or just meant to look old? Everything I see is processed, weighed, and evaluated.  Here are the two questions I most want an item to raise in my mind: 1) what is this wonderful piece doing among all this junk?, and 2) what possesses someone to even make something like this?

The first question is the eureka moment.  It means I have found something that doesn't belong. It's too good to be here.  The second question is the awestruck moment, seeing an item you have never seen before, not even dreaming such a thing existed.  Struck by rarity or novelty or whimsy, stare at it like one would a purple cow.

That's the joy of the hunt.  That's what makes it fun.

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